About Us

Our Story

Our story began with the simple fact that business owners had to spend time and energy in the search for funding to revive or grow their businesses. We wondered: is there a better way?

Inland Capital Services was founded in 2008 as a platform to help business owners who face inconvenient red tape and time spent while trying to seek capital for their company’s growth or maintenance.

With vast experience in the business funding industry, which we have used to build a network of talented consultants who provide holistic, effective solutions for business owners.

We’ve helped our clients through some of the darkest hours in their companies’ history: from the brink of failure to dizzying heights of success.

From the very beginning, we understood that being people-oriented is vital. That’s why a people-centred work ethic is so important to ICS. This approach enables us to understand the needs and motivations of the people who built the business.

Why Work With Us?

The ICS team is made up of expert business financing consultants who use their experience and business savvy to obtain financing facilities and provide advisory services for government grant and finance schemes.

Since the founding of ICS in 2008, we’ve been building collaborative relationships with SMEs forged through trust, respect and mutual understanding. With our experience as a business funding intermediary, we understand the challenges common to SMEs that span many industries. We use our knowledge and expertise to craft pragmatic solutions for the unique needs of each business, always aiming for long-term sustainable growth and profitability for each business.

Our considerable skills in negotiation and wide spectrum of contacts in banks and financial institutions enable us to procure the best possible financing solutions for business owners with efficiency and ease.

Even if the financing facility isn’t approved, you still get valuable advice at no charge.


Our quest is to be the leading business funding agency in the financing industry.


To strike an effective, impactful balance of focus, expertise, and passion in what we do for our clients.



We see ourselves as partners in the journey of the companies that we help every day. We focus on guiding SMEs and businesses to the growth they deserve, and finding products and solutions that are a great fit for each company’s unique business needs.


We strive for excellence in our service by making our expertise work for our clients, no matter how complex or simple their business needs are.


We believe that great relationships are built on collaboration and trust: our team takes a people-oriented approach in all that we do.

Inland Capital Services. Your Growth, Our Priority