Who is ICS Business Funding Agency?
We are an independent business funding intermediary that helps SMEs to obtain business funding from banks, financial institutions and private funders.
How is ICS different from other business funding intermediaries?
Incorporated in 2008, ICS has the following advantages: a vast knowledge base of bank and financial institution requirements, a wide network of funders, and experienced, efficient consultants. We are also people-centred, making sure we understand each client’s unique needs in relation to their company’s industry context and long-term goals.
When do I need to pay ICS for financing my application?
Our clients are not obligated to pay us any fees until after the financing facility is activated.
What happens if my financing application is not approved?
Rest assured that in the event that the facility application is not approved, we do not charge you anything.
How will ICS keep me updated on the progress of my application?
A dedicated consultant assigned to your company will work closely with you in preparing, filing and securing your financing application, with frequent updates at each stage via phone or email, according to your preference.
Do I have to drop by the ICS office for my appointment?
While we love having clients (and clients who have become friends) drop by the ICS office, you don’t have to come to us; our consultants are happy to meet you at your office.
How can I contact ICS?
You can call us at +65 6854 8888, whatsapp us at +65 8200 0880 or send us an email at info@inlandcapital.sg

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