Financial Institutions and ICS Business Funding Agency

Over the years, we’ve built and nurtured a comprehensive network of relationships with banks and financial institutions (FIs) that we work with daily to create win-win outcomes for everyone, from the FIs to business owners seeking to fund their expansion.

At ICS, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our service. To do this, we continually build on our strengths, and our relationships with FIs are one of these strengths. We want to take this strength – and our service – to the next level by working even more closely with financial institutions.

Open Call for Financial Institutions to Partner with ICS Business Funding Agency

We’re looking for financial institutions to partner with us in creating financing solutions for our clients. This is a fantastic opportunity for FIs looking to increase their brand reach and grow their clientele, particularly within the SME demographic.

We’re excited about creating more growth avenues for financial institutions. It’s a positive outcome for everyone: as a financial institution, you have a ready client base with no need for huge marketing expenditure, and we have a close partner to work with in tailoring financing solutions.

We warmly invite interested financial institutions to get in touch with us at +65 6854 8888 or email us at and explore how we can grow together.

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